Jet Lag in Tokyo-

Need a Jet Lag Cure in Tokyo?  ~ Try my Jet Lag Massage!

 Lots of my clients and friends ask me about the best cure for jet lag.   From years of travel experience and research. and from what Medical Doctors, Naturopath Specialists and Million Milers say- here’s my best advice:

Before your flight:  Drink plenty of water- to avoid dehydration. Eat lightly and do some exercise to improve your circulation. Apply plenty of lotion to your face and body to avoid dehydrating your skin.  Set your watch for the local time of your destination city.  People who tend to always check the time in their city of origin tend to feel worse.  Jet lag is also psychological!
During Your flight:
1.  Avoid alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which naturally occurs on long flights. 
2. If you can’t sleep on the plane take a very mild sedative to help you- but only if you are used to taking such sedatives.
3.  Avoid salty airline foods- they can aggravate you and may cause joints to swell.  Bring your own light snack such as crudities or fruit to eat.
4.  Get up and do some stretching and moderate exercise while you are in the plane. You can usually find room to do this near the bulkhead areas.
5. Wear an eye mask and ear plugs to block out light and sound, and wear a do-not-disturb sign on your chest. Tell flight attendants not to wake you, so they will not disturb you unless it is absolutely necessary.
6. Drink lots of purified water.  Bring your own large bottle on board if you can purchase one before you board the plane.
After Your Flight:
7. Meditate.  Meditation has been proven to emit relaxing alpha waves causing you to slow down,  and allowing your mind to relax.
8.  Go outside if it’s daytime- and get your body acclimated to the temperature and time.  This is very important.
9.  Go for a brisk walk or a swim- it will make you feel comfortable and energize you.
10. Stick to a light meal if you are hungry such as fruit, yogurt or a salad.
11. Dim the lights in your room and take a short nap if you have to-  but not a long one. as it may make it difficult for you to sleep at night.
12.  Try my FREQUENT FLYER JET LAG OIL MASSAGE- It’s guaranteed to help you feel “grounded!”  Please see details below:
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